Tachograph Lookup


Use this website to check whether a VDO tachograph is compatible for remote download.
It will also indicate if the VDO Counter feature is available.

You can either enter the type / part number of the tachograph or upload a vehicle unit (.ddd, .v1b, .tgd) file.
(Files are only held while they are processed.)


  1. Remote download is only available through the front port. A VDO unlock card is required.
  2. CAN-C needs to be activated via CTC II programmer.
  3. Must be activated by an Update card.
  4. Upgrade of the tachograph to 2.1 is possible via workshop.
  5. Serial number was not listed in VDO documents.
  6. Information shown is in doubt. Contact VDO directly.

Enter tachograph type / part number:

or upload files: